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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When is it sensual? sexual? or just slutty?

I am very aware that I am obviously NOT the target market for this ad (and I'm sure the real target market simply LOVES it) but I've got to agree with the Flight Attendants Association of Australia for being rightfully pissed at this Russian airline commercial. 

This is one of those visual portrays of women that make sensual and provocative seducing (without being looked down on) basically impossible. I've mentioned previously the downside of the seductive character The Siren, she will always struggle with not being solely objectify but also for never achieve the expectations of sexuality their predators are waiting for, so out of desperation what does she do? She gets surgery, makes a porn video and/or starts in a airline commercial in Russia. 

Now for some reason Russia has become the land where there's a thin line between "sex sells" and
"selling sex" so I'm kind of glad I don't live there, but viral views of this ad makes the whole seducing process much more difficult and mainly physical which is not the point. I'm not a feminist who wants to ban plastic surgery and naked women forever, in fact I think physical attributes can be very beneficial for any seductress in a given time, but this ad seems like a cheap- uncreative- shot to the whole idea of female beauty, is like these copywriters spent hours and hours of hard work getting high, playing videogames and when the deadline came in they got nothing "OH I GOT IT!" little Jimmy the copywriter screamed suddenly "sexy car wash BUT instead of a car, there's a...wait for it...PLANE!"
"YEAAAHHHHH!!" all the other men in the room screamed while they bang their chest together and high five each other in the air. 

This industry seems to move forward with the idea of including women in the workplace for their creative mind, but ads like these seem more like a step backwards. A woman like me will seem like a self-righteous feminist bitch for not approving this ad even though I am very much like every woman out there who loves wearing heels, shop like their rich and embrace tight dresses. We need more real seducers out there, people that will play the game with strategy, creativity and intelligent techniques not those who are looking for an easy way out.

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