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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Feminine Dandy in The Modern World

well I think is obvious that not only do I connect with this character more but I also love this kind of seducer! 

 The Feminine Dandy is by far my favorite kind of men, I love
their handsome looks with a hint of delicacy and elegance. These men are by no means gay or feminine, they just have that Dandy trait in them that works well whether it is with their phyisical appearence, their speaking manners, or their stylish fashion sense. I can go on and on...and on.

Henry Cavill (actor): When I first saw him on The Count of Monte Cristo I thought his cheeks were a little bit "too pink" for my taste and that he actually could easily play a girl on a different film, but then he grew up..and became this!!!


Jude Law (actor): I'm not super attracted to this guy but I still think he's pretty handsome, and when I saw him on "The Holiday" I thought he had a very delicate way to his lips when he spoke, plus his accent is super sexy so he is definetly one of the best Dandies out there.

David Beckham: I think he is the most "manly" of the dandies I've chosen, he plays a very masculine sport and he has like ten thousand tatooes, nonetheless I don't think anyone else is as famous for his fashion style as much as he is (which is key in the Dandy's seductive style) so he is definetly a Dandy even if it's in small portions

Dolce and Gabbana's new campaign: when I first saw this I thought it was either a heterosexual ad with a hint of homosexuality or viceversa, either way it ambiguous portrait of men captured my attention, so it is perfect for this seductive character.

obviously I am not the only women out there who prefers the feminine dandy! these men are very famous for their looks and their boys take it in consideration when you want to wear snickers to a fancy restaurant date ;)

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