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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wow! Seduction advice for men gone totally wrong!

Reading this article in Jezebel made me crack up!

Seriously where do the credentials of this psychoanalysits, self-help book authors come from? Wikipedia? I can't believe someone would actually recommend boys to avoid sending flowers to the office but instead send a note thanking your woman for cleaning after you, then again the guy who recommeneded such thing also wrote a book called "Guide to Getting it On!"    
'The Situation' is that you?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Internet Ads a la Vintage!

what if the boys from Mad Men had to show us a new campaign for twitter, facebook, you tube and skype?
Well an ad agency in Sao Paulo, Brazil called Moma decided to show us what it might look like!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Point System to get a woman!

  A little off track from our everyday seducers, just wanted to share this...after you've finally seduced a woman, here is the point system to actually keep her ;)

Example of The Natural Seducer

"'The Natural embodies the longed- for qualites of childhood - spontaneity, sincerty, unpretentiousness"

When I read this part of the book one image immediately came to my head that is the gorgeous Brazilian singer Ivete Sangalo.

When my sister first introduced me to her years ago right away I was fascinated with this woman. She is the most famous singer in Brazil, let’s say she’s the Beyonce of Brazil.

When she gets on stage is like you are being introduced to the real person. Is not the “”Sasha fierce” of Beyonce or the alter-ego of Shakira. Ivete is genuine, charming, talented and she’s not afraid of being silly and unconventional on stage: she smiles, she cries, she show off her legs, her butt. For me Ivete doesn’t put on a show…she IS the show! When I see her performing it seems real and that’s why many Brazilians feel so connected with her. They all feel like she is part of the family or maybe part of themselves.

Check this video of her last DVD concert (I AM SO EXCITED I’M GOING TO THE NEXT ONE IN MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!!!!!!) 

Jump to the 1:06 mark to see her in action…and props at the 4:28 mark for being able to whistle with a leather glove on! Haha…LOVE HER.

The Natural

Ah El Natural!

When I was 16 years old I took a trip around Europe with 15 girls, some of us knew each other from high school, and others were just meeting at the beginning of this trip. During this time I met a girl named Mariel, she was fun, outgoing, friendly and outspoken…very outspoken!
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