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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Beginning of Something Good

Ok so here is the thing. For the longest time I've been slowly trying to get this blogs up and working. I always start with a good idea but found it difficult to stay committed to it. I realized that my blog entries have been #1) too damn long and #2) all about me. As much I love the idea of having the capability of just focus on myself, I found it rather difficult to share it with everyone, especially when it's about my traveling adventures.
With that said I must add however that I miss writing. I've had a loyal fan base with my collective emails sharing my crazy stories, my friends and family are very supportive, which makes me actually enjoy writing, but I've left it behind for quite sometime now for silly reasons.
ok I've made it clear that I want to write more and more, not just because I like it but because it'll do me some good. However, I really want to stop writing things with no meaning. So I've decided to take on a little project, which I'll call The Art of Testing the Art of Seduction.
So I chose a book "The Art of Seduction"" cause I read it before and I really wanted to take into practice, however I've found it difficult to find the time to actually study my actions, but this time is research amigo!

I want to test the theories of the book and see if it works. The reason why?? Here comes my favorite part! Numbering things!

#1) I lack a hobby! Seriously I don't even collect anything!
#2) is great practice for me specially because I want to succeed in the advertising business, and what is advertising without great seducing skills?
#3) I'll put to the test a best-seller! I'm sure it works; just don't know if it does for me. So I'll also be testing my skills in creativity, organization, commitment and of course seduction.
#4) it just really sounds like fun!
So here we go! And yes I know that I should consider a more clever title than "The Art of Testing the Art of Seduction" shame on me since I want to be on the creative business, right? But that's really my last focus. The research should be creative enough. Let's get this rolling!!

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