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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What I didn’t know

Today I decided to re-read again the preface of The Art of Seduction. I didn't realize how many mistakes I was making just by making assumptions. I've read this book before but I guess I never really payed attention to it or just didn't focus enough.
Robert Green explains in his book that the act of seducing is mere psychological play. Is a slow process that cannot expect immediate results, and it includes not thinking about what you want but mostly what others want from you. The power of a seducer is not forceful but it requires tactics and is indirect (something I very much lack of) and is not suppose to impose nor have pretense, you not only have to know what you want but you have to know the rules of how to get it.
So before we continue with my little project I have to make sure we have some things clear about being a seducer. These are things I never really thought of before and I surely thought I was doing the right thing.
First being a seductress is all about playing games. As harsh as it sounds no morals or values should stop you from achieving your goal.
Second "a seducer does not turn power on and off" this is clearly one of the most common mistakes people would make, and is a mistake I was clearly expecting to follow. I actually thought of becoming someone else in the eyes of those I wanted to seduce and be whatever I am now to those I do not care for. Becoming a seducer is a complete transformation but you must be the same kind of seducer constantly.

"Seducers do not improvise; they do not leave this process to chance"

You also have to keep in mind that you CANNOT think about yourself when you are seducing. You should not be self-absorb but rather become whoever everybody else wants you to be. It doesn't mean telling lies it means transforming. Your reality must change and become completely giving. Greene states that "self-absorption is a sign of insecurity" and it is important that you are able to become what the other person wants you to be, that way they can be more open and you can get more information from them and use it to your advantage. 
 So like I said previously: first you must find what kind of seducer you are and then you must know your target inside-out, with this you will combine the perfect factors to become the ultimate seducer. I'm about to try the first step, read and choose what kind of seductress I am, this sounds like is going to be a lot of work...and a whole lotta fun!

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