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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Introduction to the Art

The book by Robert Greene "The Art of Seduction" is divided in four parts: The seductive character, the seductive process, the precipice- deepening the effect through extreme Measure, and Moving into the kill! This should be easy to follow, it almost feels like a dating class in writing, it shows step by step everything you have to do. So I'll start of course by understanding what kind of seductive character I am. As I've previously mentioned I have read this book before and while I was reading it I realized that there were more than one character I could relate too which is ok, according to Robert Greene you can have traits of different kinds of seducers; however it is essential that you find the most suitable and stick to it! So since I'm on the loop with this one I think I'm going to study in depht every seductive character that I can relate to, and in that way find which one I work best with. Oh yes! This entire project my take a long while!

I want to also add something that is essential for you to know about this project. 

Seducing is nothing sexual in any way. To learn to seduce is not to teach you tips to catch the perfect man on the bar, I'll suggest Sex and the City: collector edition if that's what you really want to do! This book teaches you seducing skills to stand out from the crowd, to persuade a crowd! To become a leader and to bring out a sense of confidence and self-respect from within you, of course none of this is guaranteed in any part of the book, but in my opinion it should be ramifications of your success. It doesn't have to be to the opposite sex, nor does it have to be someone you are interesting in, this is for everybody and anybody. So I recommended to whoever wants to improve their seducing skills, even if you are already married, with kids and a mortgage. This is good for all, trust me!

I should also add that if I do succeed in this I won't be giving credit to my looks and neither should you, just as Greene states in his book this is about the character within you that attracts people to you, you do not have to be the best looking person to achieve the best results. Is all about your inner self, your character, so do not get beauty involve in this, is out of the field!

Do I have someone in mind I'm trying to seduce? You bet! I have more than one. I won't reveal their name or anything that can hint their identity. I really want this to work well and revealing such things is just sabotaging my work from the beginning. Of course there will be random people I'll be testing these theories on. If all this goes well I shall reveal their identity at the end of my theories, and will provide the reason why I chose them; but for now they shall all be ghosts!

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