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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Siren

I'm finally getting into the seductress process. I've been reading every character slowly and surely to make sure I find the perfect match with my personality, I will share with you the choosing process because I think it is essential for me to record every step and maybe find the flaw in case I failed in this little experiment. I also share it just because I'm cool like that!
First let's start with
The Siren

If it is a seductive power you are after, the siren is the most potent of all

Now as you may have heard me say before the art of seduction doesn't really have anything to do with looks, well umm yeahh I might have been wrong on that one.
Here we find The Spectacular Siren and The Sex Siren! These kinds of characters based its seduction mostly on its look. The Siren (so obviously a female character unless you feel a little bit zoolandish and want to enter the category of "merman") is a woman the uses the power of sensual attraction and the innocence that comes along with femininity to get what they want. These women don't exactly have to be beautiful but they use their best physical assets to seduce a crowd or more specifically a man.
The ladies that inspired this character are the lovely Cleopatra as The Spectacular Siren and the ultimate bombshell Marilyn Monroe as The Sex Siren. There's so many specific things these women did to attract the most powerful men and keep them eating from their hand. What I love about these women is the sense of female power, of the clear differentiation of sensuality vs sexuality (a thin line that in the world today is almost invisible) and how they were able to gain full control of everyone on their ways, even emperors!

"From Cleopatra we learn that it is not beauty that makes a Siren but rather a theatrical streak that allows a woman to embody a man's fantasies. A man grows bored with a woman, no matter how beautiful; he yearns for different pleasure, and for adventure. All a woman needs to turn this around is to create the illusion that she offers such variety and adventure" (The Siren, 9)

And as much as I would LOVE to become this amazing siren, I'm gonna have to say No Gracias!
First of all these women created stories, adventures with their looks; Cleopatra wore extravagant makeup to portrait a Greek Goddess, and she would do ridiculous things to her hair and clothing to always surprise the man that had it all: Mr. Julius Cesare, that took time and of course wealth.
Unfortunately I still don't have my own empire so becoming a one-woman show with my clothing is most definitely not happening any time soon.
One important factor of this character is that you have to create a mix of the little girl with the vixen. You have to become the representation of pure pleasure, an optical illusion of lust with a touch of innocence. This is also the reason why I did not chose this character. When you no longer have your physical attributes to create this image your seductive powers fade away, and you will be replace by another Siren in a matter of seconds. Why would I want that?
Plus these women also captivated the crowd with their voice. Every man that knew Cleopatra always mentioned the beauty of her voice, and hello -> "Happy Birthday Mr. President"! Anyone? When we "regular voiced" women try to pull that off we just sound ridiculous and off key, Marilyn Monroe sounds like a woman holding an orgasm.
This sense of innocence combined with sexyness is something I can't pull off. I have a very strong personality and the little girl's voice would just sound kinda creepy, plus constantly depending on my physical attributes to attract a crowd really wouldn't work in the advertising industry. I don't think singing "Happy birthday Mr. Creative director!" with my glittery dress would get me that much further in a man's world. Sure I'll get hired but God knows to what expense.

So in Conclusion? The Siren is NOT my seductive character.

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