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Saturday, July 24, 2010

How could I've forgotten to add this man!

Adam Levine from Maroon 5: THE epiphany of a Modern Dandy!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Siren in The Water

I watch the movie Nine recently and fell in love with the spectacle of it. It reminded me of this specific Siren which I adore, and so when I saw this ad yesterday I was so happy, but then it made me wonder about something...

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Masculine Dandy in The Modern World

Samantha from Sex and The City...need to say more?

Women love her, praise her and want to be like her but realistically would they dare to act like her without caring what the rest would say? can they pull it off?

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The Feminine Dandy in The Modern World

well I think is obvious that not only do I connect with this character more but I also love this kind of seducer! 

 The Feminine Dandy is by far my favorite kind of men, I love
their handsome looks with a hint of delicacy and elegance. These men are by no means gay or feminine, they just have that Dandy trait in them that works well whether it is with their phyisical appearence, their speaking manners, or their stylish fashion sense. I can go on and on...and on.

The Dandy (Part II)

I think the dandy is not only the kind of seducer I’m most attracted to but the one that (so far) I connect with more. Besides the fact that I do like the “pretty boy” look and that I love a man who cares about what he is wearing, there’s also an important fact that is affecting men and women in this era that a Dandy can get away with.

Maybe it’s because homosexuality is such a big issue these days that has created really strong views on the opposite sides of the spectrum but the men of today are so afraid of being considered “gay” that they do the “manly man” things and are more concerned with what other men will think of them than what women actually want: If you take too much care of yourself "dude you're so gay!” so better to throw in a 10 yr old shirt with your everyday jeans, if you find elaborates ways to please your girlfriend “yo, stop acting like a little girl!” so better go for the easy catch: flowers, chocolates and the occasional restaurant. All of that makes men forget that ALL women have a hint of narcissism in them (ever wonder why we like to talk about ourselves so much?) so next time is best to consider that having feminine traits is not bad in any way.

Nonetheless there’s also the issue of social conventions. For a masculine dandy for example there's always the threat of other women’s envy; When you are a masculine dandy you get things your way without following the society rules, and this attracts the other sex, of course when you are the one getting all of the attention for being different (in an “masculine” way) other women make sure to destroy your reputation and publicly look down on you, this causing the men to rethink whether they want to be associated with you or not; Still all women secretly want that sense of freedom, individuality, and that attraction The Dandie creates in the opposite sex, but they can’t control the emotional connection and sense of awareness they have on the social conventions so they back down.

To become a Dandy all you have to do is not care.

Am I a Dandy? QUITE POSSIBLY! I definitely have connected with this character in many different ways not only more than any other seductive character but also with its very unique traits. However, unlike the dandy I am not completely careless about what others say (this is something Rudolph Valentino also struggled with) and my fashion-style is not very “unconventional” in fact even if I attract attention with my fashion style it is more for how 'trendy' it is not because it’s different, but I think those are things I can work on ;)

So In Conclusion? Like I said there are many different characters you can identified with so this is a very strong MAYBE for now.

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The Dandy (Part I)

"The Dandy appeals to the narcissism of each sex: to a woman they are psychologically female, to a man they are male. Dandies fascinate and seduce in large numbers. Use the power of the Dandy to create an ambiguous, alluring presence that stirs repressed desire"

Monday, July 12, 2010

And now a new episode of: Men doing it for men.

oh Yeah! is an ad for Samsung in case you couldn't tell

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Just for the record...

stating the obvious but just wanted to point that out... ;)

P.S: Last World Cup I chose Italy exactly 2 yrs before the World Cup started, this time same thing happened with why is Paul taking all the credit?

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I told you I wasn't a hardcore feminist!

Now this is more like it!  it has some thinking, insights and creativity to it. Is funny, different but still very much on target, see is not all hoes playing with hoes!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Ideal Lover

"The Ideal Lover is rare in the modern world, for the role takes effort. You will have to focus intensely on the other person, fathom what she is missing, what he is disappointed by. People will often reveal this in subtle ways: through gesture, tone of voice, a look in the eye. By seeming to be what they lack, you will fit your ideal."
This seductive character is very similar to The Rake but with the difference is that it can apply to both sexes, and also is not so physically driven like The Rake, is more for the sake of passion and may I dare to say ego boost? Uuuuuhh!

A major requirement: Patience and attention to detail <- not for you? pass it!…there are plenty of other seductive characters to chose from. 
(A portrait of Giacomo Giovanni  Casanova)

The Romantic Ideal: in this corner we have….Casanova!

Oh yes the man that manage to live up to his reputation for centuries and centuries and somehow he is still is part of our lives, whether we know his full story or not we still have a sense of who he is. If you hear "he is such a Casanova" you'll immediately think of a player with great looks and captivating ways to attract women, am I right or am I right? How was he so unbelievable good at what he did? Well Mr. Casanova had a simple method: on meeting a woman he would
*Study her
*Go along with her mood
*Find out what was missing in her life and provide it!

And voila! The Italian Casanova made himself the ideal lover romancing the streets of Venice and even going as far as Paris for his conquest, but if you can't dance the mambo Italiano you might feel more at ease with

The Beauty Ideal: And baby it's a girl! Jeanne Poisson who later became Madame de Pompadour was the official mistress of Louis XV. Back in the day being the "official mistress" of the king of France was a privilege that wasn't given out to any random women on the streets of Paris, actually the funny thing was that to become the second women you'd have to be a noble blood, now isn't that kind of ironic? In any case a woman like Jeanne Poisson shouldn't even expect it for she was of middle class, but she mangae to conquer the kings heart, from the moment he met her to the day she died.

How did Madame de Pompadour manage to be so awesome? Well  she strategize from A to Z  & every letter in between. She would                  (Sophia Myels as Madame De Pompadour) 
*Set up the beginning stages: when the King was on his way to her chambers she make sure the hallways would always be warm and with a fresh captivating scent, she'll then continue with a

*Surprise: Madame de Pompadour loved beautiful object, her room was decorated with fine porcelain, Chinese fans and golden flower pots, also every time the king would come she would have a different- always elaborate- outfit, so every time the king would be eager to see what she'd be wearing next.

*She had something else for the aftermath: of course after the honeymoon period it's important to have something else to show. She would simply add fun conversations which the king always enjoy for she was smart, educated and knowledgeable, and when the conversation was about to go dull?

*Stroke his ego in a unique way: Since the King Louis V was living in the shadows of his successor Louis XIV, he rarely even bother to make an effort to be the best. He though he couldn't really become anything bigger so he spent his time hunting, sports and sex. Madame de Pompadour would give him a challenge like the building of a new castle which he had to take charge of everything from architecture to layout of the gardens, she would then add the theatre in Versailles where she will act every week for the king and increase his love for the arts.

Madame de Pompadour seems like she read a lot of cosmo articles and actually pay attention but not exactly. There's an inner person in everyone that's eager to come out. Everybody has an unrealized ideal wishing to be artists, thinkers, leaders, etc but reality happens and the turns of the world crush those ideals and they just settle. As a Beauty Ideal you have to bring this inner persona out of them in your own subtle way.

"Appeal to their better selves, to a higher standard of beauty, and they will hardly notice that they have been seduced. Make them feel elevated, lofty, spiritual, and your power over them will be limitless"

The keys of an ideal lovers is to observe you have to ignore your targets conscious behavior and not only focus on their words but focus more on the unconscious things: the tone of voice, what makes him/her blush, their looks. You have to be very attentive and know what each one of those gestures mean.

You also have to be very careful of staying in character never let a flaw be seen, always be the character you portray. When reality creeps in…is over.

Am I the Ideal lover? This seductive character doesn't seem so out of place, in fact so far is the most fitting. Though I find it rather challenging to read unconscious gestures and actually know what they mean I think that with time I can make it work, and make it work good!

So In Conclusion the Ideal lover maybe my seductive character. Let's see what else is out there.

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When is it sensual? sexual? or just slutty?

I am very aware that I am obviously NOT the target market for this ad (and I'm sure the real target market simply LOVES it) but I've got to agree with the Flight Attendants Association of Australia for being rightfully pissed at this Russian airline commercial. 

This is one of those visual portrays of women that make sensual and provocative seducing (without being looked down on) basically impossible. I've mentioned previously the downside of the seductive character The Siren, she will always struggle with not being solely objectify but also for never achieve the expectations of sexuality their predators are waiting for, so out of desperation what does she do? She gets surgery, makes a porn video and/or starts in a airline commercial in Russia. 

Now for some reason Russia has become the land where there's a thin line between "sex sells" and
"selling sex" so I'm kind of glad I don't live there, but viral views of this ad makes the whole seducing process much more difficult and mainly physical which is not the point. I'm not a feminist who wants to ban plastic surgery and naked women forever, in fact I think physical attributes can be very beneficial for any seductress in a given time, but this ad seems like a cheap- uncreative- shot to the whole idea of female beauty, is like these copywriters spent hours and hours of hard work getting high, playing videogames and when the deadline came in they got nothing "OH I GOT IT!" little Jimmy the copywriter screamed suddenly "sexy car wash BUT instead of a car, there's a...wait for it...PLANE!"
"YEAAAHHHHH!!" all the other men in the room screamed while they bang their chest together and high five each other in the air. 

This industry seems to move forward with the idea of including women in the workplace for their creative mind, but ads like these seem more like a step backwards. A woman like me will seem like a self-righteous feminist bitch for not approving this ad even though I am very much like every woman out there who loves wearing heels, shop like their rich and embrace tight dresses. We need more real seducers out there, people that will play the game with strategy, creativity and intelligent techniques not those who are looking for an easy way out.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Seduce the modern goldfish!

I've been reading a lot about Sally Hogshead lately, I came up with a presentation she made stating that we live in a 9 second a.d.d world. That's right! If you don't grab the attention of your pray in 9 seconds that person will probably skip you all over and find other things to worry about...for another 9 seconds, so what to do? change to the next best thing when things begin to look boring! a seducer is always ahead of the game just take a look at this ad and remember is not only women who get bored easily ;)

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Who is this man and why can he easily persuade me to make my boyfriend smell like grandpa?

I know we have yet to meet all of our different kind of seducers, and I can't figure out what kind of seducer is the man in this ad but I had to share this with the world.

Brilliant advertising for Old Spice this is actually following a previous ad that became very successful so of course part II needed to happen. This is one of the sexiest men I've ever seen, I figure he is probably a rake kind of seducer with his sense of humor and his captivating abs smile voice!

Watch the commercial first and then check the next video for his explanation of the ad. Yum!

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