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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Siren in The Water

I watch the movie Nine recently and fell in love with the spectacle of it. It reminded me of this specific Siren which I adore, and so when I saw this ad yesterday I was so happy, but then it made me wonder about something...

Take a look at the ad first.
Is for Perrier water, This is actually an interactive campaign so go to the website here and check out the full game.

Dita Von-Teese is the queen of burlesque dancing. A thing about burlesque dancing that I love is that is –without a question- sexual but never completely revealing, is provocative but teasing. Dita does it with elegance which almost makes striptease look like classy (ha!) She makes burlesque seem like an art on its own.

She is without a doubt a Siren but it got me thinking: what kind of Siren is she? She does seem like the Spectacular Siren with her extravagant outfits, elaborate shows and flawless looks, but then everything together screams Sex Siren, after all burlesque is an adult show! So what is she? Can you actually be both Sirens?

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