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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Dandy (Part II)

I think the dandy is not only the kind of seducer I’m most attracted to but the one that (so far) I connect with more. Besides the fact that I do like the “pretty boy” look and that I love a man who cares about what he is wearing, there’s also an important fact that is affecting men and women in this era that a Dandy can get away with.

Maybe it’s because homosexuality is such a big issue these days that has created really strong views on the opposite sides of the spectrum but the men of today are so afraid of being considered “gay” that they do the “manly man” things and are more concerned with what other men will think of them than what women actually want: If you take too much care of yourself "dude you're so gay!” so better to throw in a 10 yr old shirt with your everyday jeans, if you find elaborates ways to please your girlfriend “yo, stop acting like a little girl!” so better go for the easy catch: flowers, chocolates and the occasional restaurant. All of that makes men forget that ALL women have a hint of narcissism in them (ever wonder why we like to talk about ourselves so much?) so next time is best to consider that having feminine traits is not bad in any way.

Nonetheless there’s also the issue of social conventions. For a masculine dandy for example there's always the threat of other women’s envy; When you are a masculine dandy you get things your way without following the society rules, and this attracts the other sex, of course when you are the one getting all of the attention for being different (in an “masculine” way) other women make sure to destroy your reputation and publicly look down on you, this causing the men to rethink whether they want to be associated with you or not; Still all women secretly want that sense of freedom, individuality, and that attraction The Dandie creates in the opposite sex, but they can’t control the emotional connection and sense of awareness they have on the social conventions so they back down.

To become a Dandy all you have to do is not care.

Am I a Dandy? QUITE POSSIBLY! I definitely have connected with this character in many different ways not only more than any other seductive character but also with its very unique traits. However, unlike the dandy I am not completely careless about what others say (this is something Rudolph Valentino also struggled with) and my fashion-style is not very “unconventional” in fact even if I attract attention with my fashion style it is more for how 'trendy' it is not because it’s different, but I think those are things I can work on ;)

So In Conclusion? Like I said there are many different characters you can identified with so this is a very strong MAYBE for now.

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