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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Rake in The Modern World

A man who can read a woman’s mind and say, do, and act exactly the way she wants? That’s him! PLUS perfect connection with the advertising industry, the dude is a creative guy! C'est perfect!

*This video was added before Mel Gibson became a complete douchebag with his girlfriend, but I won't remove it or change it because I didn't add it because of him, I added because of the character he plays...that's The Rake!

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Rake


"Only Stars and the very wealthy can play the Rake with impunity; the rest of us need to be careful"

Now just as there is a character for every sexy young woman there is a character for every sexy young man. The Rake is the excitement every girl wants in her life, and the wing-man every man needs in theirs. 

First lest begin with  The Arden Rake
    *This man creates a sense of adventure, suspense and excitement to grab the attention of his girl. Every woman thrives for his attention while every man seeks to keep him away from their wives, daughters, and I dare to say even granny. 
    * He is charming, provocative, blunt, funny, eloquent and creative. 
 As the Ardent Rake you must not show any hesitation, let yourself go and be controlled by your animalistic instincts to get what you want, no matter the cost.

You could also become The Demonic Rake who would seduce women with not only his voice but his words, he studies in a matter of minutes the character and behavior of a person and with whatever information he gets he builts up a conversation, a speech, a word that will instantly hit this person on a personal level and make him desirable. 
   * You play with the emotions of a crowd to prepare what you are going to say; if the crowd wants change in their desperate lives you become Obama, if they want drama you become a real housewife, if they want rebellion you become Chavez (ugh! Don't even consider it hun!) They want you to become what they need not to solve their needs with who you are. 
  * Study your target market and don't only give them what they want, BECOME what they want and they will fall at your feet!

I think is obvious why I wouldn't choose to be a Rake: transsexual surgery is probably really expensive! Plus isn't this man the dude that we hate to love???? He who left us over analyzing over and over again why this awesome guy didn't want us! Or why is he with someone else??? How can he say all the rights things but yet do everything all wrong! WHYYY!!
I'm telling you Rake you will be loved and desired by every woman but avoided and hated at the end of the day.
Plus you might get in serious trouble if you try to play with fire in another man's land.

So in Conclusion? The Rake is NOT my seductive character <- see how I'm trying to pull a Maury here! Lol, love it!

Moving On…

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Little off Track

But not exactly, this part of the blog is to post information or anecdotes that do not follow my book experiment. However, even though this is not intentionally connected with what I'm doing, I think its information that is important for any seducer, whether you are in the advertising industry or not this information is key when building up your seductive character and dealing with the outside world.

"Sally Hogshead is a speaker, author, and brand innovation consultant, helping companies develop messages that persuade and captivate. Clients past and present include Nike, MINI Cooper, Aflac, Cole Haan, Target, Coca-Cola and Godiva." this presentation is based on her book Fascination which covers the key factors to persuade whether it is with a product or with yourself.
Love her public speaking manner she is very friendly, energetic and engaging, and her topic is very relevant not only to today's world but to this specific blog as well.

Sally Hogshead: Speaking Reel from Sally Hogshead on Vimeo.

The Siren in the Modern World

For me the best example of The Siren is a famous Arabic singer in Lebanon called Haifa Wehbe. If you see her videos her body movements and facial expressions are very inviting and sensual (especially the way she looks at the camera) she dances very delicately as if her hips would brake if she shakes too much making her look very delicate (a sign of feminity) and classy but when she sings and when she speaks she seems very innocent and naïve, even if she is clearly not; it will take more than one video to really study this ultimate seducer but here’s one where I think you can see all the things I’m talking about.

(Skip to the 0:22 mark to see a Siren in action)

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Siren in the Ad World

Of course what kind of ad aficionado would I be if I don't relate this to advertising: This ad I think represents not only what the modern Sex Siren would look and act like but also a product perfect for a Siren, What do you think?

Ok so besides the fact that this is all about physical beauty and nothing more than a good old "sex sells" there are many other reasons why The Siren would be attracted to this kind of product.

* First of all the brand Victoria Secret is all about using your physical attributes to get attention, whether it is with a push–up or with a 1 billion dollar bra cover in diamonds their main goal is to accentuate what you have and enhance what you lack to get what you want
* These women speak of lust, of sensuality, of femininity. 
* Plus hello animal prints! Can anything scream more uncontrollable passion, living for pleasure, heat of the moment than the wild? Exactly!

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The Siren

I'm finally getting into the seductress process. I've been reading every character slowly and surely to make sure I find the perfect match with my personality, I will share with you the choosing process because I think it is essential for me to record every step and maybe find the flaw in case I failed in this little experiment. I also share it just because I'm cool like that!
First let's start with
The Siren

If it is a seductive power you are after, the siren is the most potent of all

Now as you may have heard me say before the art of seduction doesn't really have anything to do with looks, well umm yeahh I might have been wrong on that one.
Here we find The Spectacular Siren and The Sex Siren! These kinds of characters based its seduction mostly on its look. The Siren (so obviously a female character unless you feel a little bit zoolandish and want to enter the category of "merman") is a woman the uses the power of sensual attraction and the innocence that comes along with femininity to get what they want. These women don't exactly have to be beautiful but they use their best physical assets to seduce a crowd or more specifically a man.
The ladies that inspired this character are the lovely Cleopatra as The Spectacular Siren and the ultimate bombshell Marilyn Monroe as The Sex Siren. There's so many specific things these women did to attract the most powerful men and keep them eating from their hand. What I love about these women is the sense of female power, of the clear differentiation of sensuality vs sexuality (a thin line that in the world today is almost invisible) and how they were able to gain full control of everyone on their ways, even emperors!

"From Cleopatra we learn that it is not beauty that makes a Siren but rather a theatrical streak that allows a woman to embody a man's fantasies. A man grows bored with a woman, no matter how beautiful; he yearns for different pleasure, and for adventure. All a woman needs to turn this around is to create the illusion that she offers such variety and adventure" (The Siren, 9)

And as much as I would LOVE to become this amazing siren, I'm gonna have to say No Gracias!
First of all these women created stories, adventures with their looks; Cleopatra wore extravagant makeup to portrait a Greek Goddess, and she would do ridiculous things to her hair and clothing to always surprise the man that had it all: Mr. Julius Cesare, that took time and of course wealth.
Unfortunately I still don't have my own empire so becoming a one-woman show with my clothing is most definitely not happening any time soon.
One important factor of this character is that you have to create a mix of the little girl with the vixen. You have to become the representation of pure pleasure, an optical illusion of lust with a touch of innocence. This is also the reason why I did not chose this character. When you no longer have your physical attributes to create this image your seductive powers fade away, and you will be replace by another Siren in a matter of seconds. Why would I want that?
Plus these women also captivated the crowd with their voice. Every man that knew Cleopatra always mentioned the beauty of her voice, and hello -> "Happy Birthday Mr. President"! Anyone? When we "regular voiced" women try to pull that off we just sound ridiculous and off key, Marilyn Monroe sounds like a woman holding an orgasm.
This sense of innocence combined with sexyness is something I can't pull off. I have a very strong personality and the little girl's voice would just sound kinda creepy, plus constantly depending on my physical attributes to attract a crowd really wouldn't work in the advertising industry. I don't think singing "Happy birthday Mr. Creative director!" with my glittery dress would get me that much further in a man's world. Sure I'll get hired but God knows to what expense.

So in Conclusion? The Siren is NOT my seductive character.

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What I didn’t know

Today I decided to re-read again the preface of The Art of Seduction. I didn't realize how many mistakes I was making just by making assumptions. I've read this book before but I guess I never really payed attention to it or just didn't focus enough.
Robert Green explains in his book that the act of seducing is mere psychological play. Is a slow process that cannot expect immediate results, and it includes not thinking about what you want but mostly what others want from you. The power of a seducer is not forceful but it requires tactics and is indirect (something I very much lack of) and is not suppose to impose nor have pretense, you not only have to know what you want but you have to know the rules of how to get it.
So before we continue with my little project I have to make sure we have some things clear about being a seducer. These are things I never really thought of before and I surely thought I was doing the right thing.
First being a seductress is all about playing games. As harsh as it sounds no morals or values should stop you from achieving your goal.
Second "a seducer does not turn power on and off" this is clearly one of the most common mistakes people would make, and is a mistake I was clearly expecting to follow. I actually thought of becoming someone else in the eyes of those I wanted to seduce and be whatever I am now to those I do not care for. Becoming a seducer is a complete transformation but you must be the same kind of seducer constantly.

"Seducers do not improvise; they do not leave this process to chance"

You also have to keep in mind that you CANNOT think about yourself when you are seducing. You should not be self-absorb but rather become whoever everybody else wants you to be. It doesn't mean telling lies it means transforming. Your reality must change and become completely giving. Greene states that "self-absorption is a sign of insecurity" and it is important that you are able to become what the other person wants you to be, that way they can be more open and you can get more information from them and use it to your advantage. 
 So like I said previously: first you must find what kind of seducer you are and then you must know your target inside-out, with this you will combine the perfect factors to become the ultimate seducer. I'm about to try the first step, read and choose what kind of seductress I am, this sounds like is going to be a lot of work...and a whole lotta fun!

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Introduction to the Art

The book by Robert Greene "The Art of Seduction" is divided in four parts: The seductive character, the seductive process, the precipice- deepening the effect through extreme Measure, and Moving into the kill! This should be easy to follow, it almost feels like a dating class in writing, it shows step by step everything you have to do. So I'll start of course by understanding what kind of seductive character I am. As I've previously mentioned I have read this book before and while I was reading it I realized that there were more than one character I could relate too which is ok, according to Robert Greene you can have traits of different kinds of seducers; however it is essential that you find the most suitable and stick to it! So since I'm on the loop with this one I think I'm going to study in depht every seductive character that I can relate to, and in that way find which one I work best with. Oh yes! This entire project my take a long while!

I want to also add something that is essential for you to know about this project. 

Seducing is nothing sexual in any way. To learn to seduce is not to teach you tips to catch the perfect man on the bar, I'll suggest Sex and the City: collector edition if that's what you really want to do! This book teaches you seducing skills to stand out from the crowd, to persuade a crowd! To become a leader and to bring out a sense of confidence and self-respect from within you, of course none of this is guaranteed in any part of the book, but in my opinion it should be ramifications of your success. It doesn't have to be to the opposite sex, nor does it have to be someone you are interesting in, this is for everybody and anybody. So I recommended to whoever wants to improve their seducing skills, even if you are already married, with kids and a mortgage. This is good for all, trust me!

I should also add that if I do succeed in this I won't be giving credit to my looks and neither should you, just as Greene states in his book this is about the character within you that attracts people to you, you do not have to be the best looking person to achieve the best results. Is all about your inner self, your character, so do not get beauty involve in this, is out of the field!

Do I have someone in mind I'm trying to seduce? You bet! I have more than one. I won't reveal their name or anything that can hint their identity. I really want this to work well and revealing such things is just sabotaging my work from the beginning. Of course there will be random people I'll be testing these theories on. If all this goes well I shall reveal their identity at the end of my theories, and will provide the reason why I chose them; but for now they shall all be ghosts!

The Beginning of Something Good

Ok so here is the thing. For the longest time I've been slowly trying to get this blogs up and working. I always start with a good idea but found it difficult to stay committed to it. I realized that my blog entries have been #1) too damn long and #2) all about me. As much I love the idea of having the capability of just focus on myself, I found it rather difficult to share it with everyone, especially when it's about my traveling adventures.
With that said I must add however that I miss writing. I've had a loyal fan base with my collective emails sharing my crazy stories, my friends and family are very supportive, which makes me actually enjoy writing, but I've left it behind for quite sometime now for silly reasons.
ok I've made it clear that I want to write more and more, not just because I like it but because it'll do me some good. However, I really want to stop writing things with no meaning. So I've decided to take on a little project, which I'll call The Art of Testing the Art of Seduction.
So I chose a book "The Art of Seduction"" cause I read it before and I really wanted to take into practice, however I've found it difficult to find the time to actually study my actions, but this time is research amigo!

I want to test the theories of the book and see if it works. The reason why?? Here comes my favorite part! Numbering things!

#1) I lack a hobby! Seriously I don't even collect anything!
#2) is great practice for me specially because I want to succeed in the advertising business, and what is advertising without great seducing skills?
#3) I'll put to the test a best-seller! I'm sure it works; just don't know if it does for me. So I'll also be testing my skills in creativity, organization, commitment and of course seduction.
#4) it just really sounds like fun!
So here we go! And yes I know that I should consider a more clever title than "The Art of Testing the Art of Seduction" shame on me since I want to be on the creative business, right? But that's really my last focus. The research should be creative enough. Let's get this rolling!!

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