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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Siren in the Ad World

Of course what kind of ad aficionado would I be if I don't relate this to advertising: This ad I think represents not only what the modern Sex Siren would look and act like but also a product perfect for a Siren, What do you think?

Ok so besides the fact that this is all about physical beauty and nothing more than a good old "sex sells" there are many other reasons why The Siren would be attracted to this kind of product.

* First of all the brand Victoria Secret is all about using your physical attributes to get attention, whether it is with a push–up or with a 1 billion dollar bra cover in diamonds their main goal is to accentuate what you have and enhance what you lack to get what you want
* These women speak of lust, of sensuality, of femininity. 
* Plus hello animal prints! Can anything scream more uncontrollable passion, living for pleasure, heat of the moment than the wild? Exactly!

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