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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Rake


"Only Stars and the very wealthy can play the Rake with impunity; the rest of us need to be careful"

Now just as there is a character for every sexy young woman there is a character for every sexy young man. The Rake is the excitement every girl wants in her life, and the wing-man every man needs in theirs. 

First lest begin with  The Arden Rake
    *This man creates a sense of adventure, suspense and excitement to grab the attention of his girl. Every woman thrives for his attention while every man seeks to keep him away from their wives, daughters, and I dare to say even granny. 
    * He is charming, provocative, blunt, funny, eloquent and creative. 
 As the Ardent Rake you must not show any hesitation, let yourself go and be controlled by your animalistic instincts to get what you want, no matter the cost.

You could also become The Demonic Rake who would seduce women with not only his voice but his words, he studies in a matter of minutes the character and behavior of a person and with whatever information he gets he builts up a conversation, a speech, a word that will instantly hit this person on a personal level and make him desirable. 
   * You play with the emotions of a crowd to prepare what you are going to say; if the crowd wants change in their desperate lives you become Obama, if they want drama you become a real housewife, if they want rebellion you become Chavez (ugh! Don't even consider it hun!) They want you to become what they need not to solve their needs with who you are. 
  * Study your target market and don't only give them what they want, BECOME what they want and they will fall at your feet!

I think is obvious why I wouldn't choose to be a Rake: transsexual surgery is probably really expensive! Plus isn't this man the dude that we hate to love???? He who left us over analyzing over and over again why this awesome guy didn't want us! Or why is he with someone else??? How can he say all the rights things but yet do everything all wrong! WHYYY!!
I'm telling you Rake you will be loved and desired by every woman but avoided and hated at the end of the day.
Plus you might get in serious trouble if you try to play with fire in another man's land.

So in Conclusion? The Rake is NOT my seductive character <- see how I'm trying to pull a Maury here! Lol, love it!

Moving On…

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