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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Natural

Ah El Natural!

When I was 16 years old I took a trip around Europe with 15 girls, some of us knew each other from high school, and others were just meeting at the beginning of this trip. During this time I met a girl named Mariel, she was fun, outgoing, friendly and outspoken…very outspoken!

Like every teenage girl we were all trying to be the favorite, the leader of the pack or at the very least accepted by the "other girls", Mariel became all of the above without even trying. We were all captivated by her, she was so vivacious and fearless that all we could do was smile and stare like a bunch of tweeny fans watching Justin Bieber.

Mariel acted like a child which of course the envious constantly used against her (Me? not included I promise!) she was the kind of girl that would go ahead with every single dare we gave her and come back triumphant and energetic. She laughed like a kid at the silliest thing, had the most humorous one-liners and never did anything she didn't want (that is of course cause we ALL did whatever she wanted willingly)
Now one thing about Mariel is that she wasn't the best looking girl in the pack, actually I recall clearly considering her the epiphany of a Tomboy: broad shoulders, ridiculous hippie-looking jewels and all too colorful braces; I mean the girl was a fashion no-go! But she's the only one from the 'other girls' I'll never forget. She was the perfect Natural Seducer.

The Natural Seducer has specific psychological traits that make them seductive: (keep in mind that the greatest natural seducers are often a blend of more than one quality)

The Innocent: The Adult Natural is not truly 'innocent' they exaggerate their weakness to elicit the proper sympathy. The act like they are seeing the world for the first time which in an adult of course is charming and humorous. Be careful though, if you seem like you are trying to be innocent it will come out as pathetic and unappealing!

The Imp: Imps are brazen, blissfully uncaring. They infect you with their lighthearted spirit. You have to be fearless, be the one that dares to take the road adults are afraid of taking, and don't worry about hurting offending people in the process, if you play the cards right (ehm ehm add innocent trait here) they will always forgive you ;)

The Wonder: you must have a special, inexplicable talent: a gift for music, mathematics, for chess, for sport. You have to have a skills that seems easy and natural, along with the ability to improvise (please if this is 'rap' make sure you have the right crowd)

The Undefensive Lover: as we get older we go through a lot of painful experiences that ultimately build a wall for protection. The undefensive lover lacks the bricks! They retain the playful, receptive spirit of a child. Unafraid of risks! Unafraid living life!

am I le Natural? this is defiently a NO go pour moi! though I do believe I have some of the psychological traits of this seductive character I think this part would be to exhausting for me to play. To...what's the word?..emmm....Unnatural! 

There are only 4 seductive characters left! The decision is almost here!!!

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