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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Does this break up make me look sexy?

I recently came upon an article that showed one of those many useless university researches where it stated that men are attracted to women who say they were dumped more than to women who openly admit they were the ones doing the break up (seriously, no disease to find a cure for lately?). Nonetheless this piece of brand new knowledge could actually be helpful when it comes to the battle against awkward dating. Of course it sort of made me think about certain seduction techniques that have been constantly implemented by us through chick-flicks, cosmo articles and a few drinking games. Aren’t we all about girl power since the spice girls in 1997? Isn’t victimizing yourself an embarrassing way to look pathetic? And if the damsel in distress is actually attractive in this scenario, what other things can we apply it to?

If this article is true then we have been given mixed singles for a while now. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve heard many times the saying “men want other men’s toys” meaning you are more likely to get more boys if other men are interested in you, so being dumped doesn’t make you look like a tossed away toy? Or are men just being good ol’ frugalistas in the dating world? Well I needed to find out.

So it is still very obvious I have yet to chose the seductive character which skills I shall make my own. Nonetheless I have a pretty good idea of the usual techniques to apply and since this is a test drive failing is acceptable and honestly pretty much expected. So I asked two different friends of mine to find me dates, random dudes I’ll probably won’t see ever again and that I have no intentions to fall for, and since my lovely friends knows everything about me they knew exactly what kind of man I DON’T like, and found me the perfect unmatchable match, and I went for it.

There were a few things in my checklist I wanted to make sure I’d cover, with both of them I will have two different life stories and study their reactions. I was going to try my best to stay in the same character whether it was an emo bad girl, an overly happy butterfly, a sensual vixen that over shares details of her sex life and drinking nights or just a sweet girl who blushes when the words ‘balls’ and ‘sack’ are used in the same sentence. Whatever it was the point was to be the same person but with two different stories. I will see their reaction and draw conclusions; do they want to learn more? Share a little? Ask for the check?

The checklist to cover was the following:

*Relationship story (I was dumped vs I dumped him)
*Life achievement story (I failed vs I conquered)
*Lifestyle story (I need help vs I’m awesome on my own)
*Futuristic ideals (I want someone to snuggle with vs my blackberry is all I need)

So tomorrow evening I am going on a date with subject #1. I want to record a fresh recollection of the occasion so I’ll make sure to post what I learned right away.

Disclaimer: don’t try to read between the lines there baby! I am not going to reveal which one of these women I really am. So you probably won’t find out through this post whether if I’m the damsel in distress, Beyonce’s inspiration for every womanhood song or neither.

Update: no date! my friend plan a semi- ambush stating that she didn't want me to go on a date with her friend if I was only considering him a test "you should know hun, he is not a lab rat" really? I DID NOT see that coming!...oh well guess she has a point. My test will have to wait.
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