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Friday, November 26, 2010

The day I realized I was a girl in a man's world

Yeah I know. Is not a groundbreaking discovery but I was pretty sure it was something around 60-40 or 55-45 not 10-90! (Talking percentage here not sugar daddy request)

I should’ve known. I remember an episode once were I went to a party in a hotel room where everybody was causing a lot of trouble and my sober self decided to take action before getting kicked out, so of course I was shoving all the boys outside the room trying to get them in the elevator so we could leave. They wouldn’t listen. For a little close to an hour I tried and failed repeatedly, suddenly one of them comes all Rocky V from another door and promises me he’ll save the day. I told him that the kids were not going anywhere and that I’ve been trying for a good time to make them move. He then looks at me and states (very calm and clear)

“yeah babe! No offense but they are not going to listen to you because, well, you’re a girl.”

I cannot begin to explain all the different WRONGS in that sentence! From the “yeah babe” to the “you’re a girl” this kid obviously was over his head with the kind of power he thought he hold. Of course I was insulted but I had to stop myself from acting like a bitch on a feminist high. Even worst, to add more insult to the injury, Mr. Rambo here comes in the room says “EVERYBODY OUT” and within seconds all the drunken boys are waiting for the elevator all quiet and obedient.

Of course I categorized it as an isolated incident for the sake of my ego and, even though I don’t want to stereotype anybody, I did let it go because they were all Arabs and I thought  o0(It’s their culture!) so it didn’t seem like a hint of what was about to come.

Last month in my quest to get my foot in the advertising door, I went to interview people to one of the most amazing agencies in the business. I met a lady (let’s call her Sandra). Sandra was an amazing woman working in the agency for over six year.  She was obviously successful, respected, and determined. She answered all of my many questions about the industry, about my portfolio, about the agency. I asked her if she could give me one advice what would it be? “Never become a man trap in a girl’s body!” At first I was confuse with her transgender inducing advice. I finally understood when I realized that almost every single girl in that agency had boyish looks, they were also extremely worried that I was going to pass out standing in my heels, and they talked to the other boys with very manly gestures and very anti-seducing voices; the men around all look extremely comfortable, hell if I didn’t know any better I would’ve expect them to start a conversation about Call of Duty, the engines of a car and quite possibly the girl at the bar last night.

What was more surprising for me was that when the girls left and came the time for me to interview the giants of the ad world they all tone down their personalities, one of them rested his elbow in the table while covering his mouth with his hand (a gesture I’ve come to learn signifies shyness), they were also completely focus on their computer screens, no mouse moving, no typing, just staring at their screen. I was given the impression these men were suddenly…nervous! 

You would think that would make me feel more at ease, but in fact it made me even more anxious and uncomfortable, to the point where I forgot all of my questions and began to talk quickly. When I left I felt it wasn’t a failure but I was disappointed that my high heels, long loose hair and day make-up clearly made these guys uncomfortable, yet I did not want to become a “chick with a dick” (a term my program coordinator introduced me to,*it’s ok if you find that odd*)

So in my quest to become a real seductress I decided to always be the woman that I am! Always over dressed, loving make-up, wearing heels in the middle of the afternoon, proudly displaying my chic-flick collection, and lowering my voice when I want a free drink, but here is the twist: I have gathered my guy friends to teach me to think like a boy. After all I am in the advertising industry, and how can I sell to a market that almost faints trying way too hard not to look at my cleavage when we are talking business!
First step? I called my brits! A group of boys that all conveniently come from England: they drink too much beer, the go to Irish pubs with soccer (oh sorry, Football!) memorabilia, they are all part of football teams, they play videogames, talk about action movies, and cheer to the appreciation of boobs (Hence the convenience).

These are the ultimate men’s men! It can’t get any more masculine than this! So I asked them to be my case study. My first quest: Learn all there is to know about Football. EVERY- THING! Leagues, tournaments, players, passes, the whole charade!

No matter what business I enter I shall never act like a boy to blend in and be respected by them, but hey it doesn’t mean I can’t play the game the same way they do… I’ll stock a sock in my Victoria Secret G-strings if I have to!

Here is another step in my quest for ultimate seduction.
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